Trademark Registration Charges in Pakistan

Find information regarding our professional Fees (including Official Fees) for filing Trademarks in Pakistan  :-

Search fee One class:

Search fee USD 70.00

Delivery within 5 working days.

Search fee per additional class Word Mark or Logo:

Search fee  is about USD 60.00

Delivery within 5 working days.

Filling and Registration fee One class (straight forward case) Word Mark or Logo:

Trademark Filling fee  USD 170.00.

(Estimated Process Duration: 10 months)

Registration fee is USD 200.00

(Estimated Timeline: 15 business days to get Registration Certificate)

Filling and Registration fee per additional class (straight forward case) Word Mark or Logo:

Trademark Filling fee USD 155.00.

(Estimated Process Duration: 10 months)

Trademark Registration Fees USD 180.00

(Estimated Timeline: 15 business days to get Registration Certificate)

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Telephone: 0321-2057582

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Note: Prices include all legal and professional fees. Our Charges could have variations during the registration process only in case of changes concerning the Official Fees or exchange rates. Charges do not include legal defenses in case of oppositions or objections.
Timeframe of the trademark registration process is only an estimate and it may vary considerably if any objections and/or oppositions are presented, or other events occur during the trademark registration process.