Court Marriage procedure and steps in Karachi

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At the district and sessions courts in Karachi, a ‘court marriage’ is a routine procedure and also hassle-free one. Often considered a last resort for couples whose parents may not approve of their plans to wed, a court marriage involves a few basic steps.

Initially a woman must sign an ‘affidavit of free will’ that states that she is of sound mind, an adult and is not being coerced into marriage. “This statement is very important,”

“Often when girls leave their home, their parents file a First Information Report (FIR) that they have disappeared and claim that they left with cash and jewelry. In this affidavit, the girl has to declare that she did not taken any valuable thing with her, so later the couple is protected against accusations of theft.”

The girl also needs to submit proof of her age: a copy of her Computerized National Identity Card or Passport, education or medical certificate will do.

This documentation and 8 passport size photos of the bride and 4 passport size photographs of groom are to be submitted, thereafter an additional statement by the girl is recorded, explaining her reasons for registering her marriage with the court and after the ceremony is performed in presence of witnesses in attendance.

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